Informations about performing in Cafe Carina

You have to know we are a small venue (100px) where bands play for free donations.

Infos about playing live music in Cafe Carina :

Doors open at 18 o’clock.
Between 19.00 and 20:30 we do the sound check.
One single Backline if there are more bands! (therefore bands must hook up to organize)
Official start is 21.00. But for practical reasons we usually begin at 21:30-22 o’clock.
If the live set is short it’s better to start later.
At 24.00 you have to finish. It’s an municipal rule.

We are a small Club. (100 p max)
In our club there is no entry fee. Bands can pass the hat for free donations. We donate a few drinks but do not pay for the show.

Equipement in Cafe Carina

Soundcraft ui24r: 19 channel, digital with tablet control
We record the mix for you. Pleas bring your own USB stick.

6x Aux
4x Monitors
4x channel Di box activ
2x Di box passiv

Microphon Stands are available
more than 6 Vocal Microphones
6 Instrument Microphones
Drum Microphone Set From Bayerdynamic
You can also use your own mics.
Enough XLR cables are available

rental charge 15€ for
Basecombo Gal­lien Krueger MB115-II BassCombo
and/or  (Ortega ANNAlog Stomp Box)
and/or Drum Set :
• Bass-Drum: 20″ x 16″+ Fußmaschine  (wenn benötigt)
• 1x Mid Tom 1: 10″ x 8″
• 1x Mid Tom 2: 12″ x 9″
• Floor Tom 1: 14″ x 14″
• Snare-Drum: 14″ x 5,5“ (wenn benötigt) + Ständer
• HiHat Stand,
• Crash Stand  2x
• Ride Stand 2x
• Drum stool
Cymbals /full set
I need a few more details from you:

Provide me with a short press text
The cast list
Photographs and related Web links

We do Sound engeneering if you wish.

For questions, call. +43 699 818 346 58

Best regards,
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Cafe Carina-Veranstaltungskontakt,
Tel: +43 699 818 346 58
Cafe Carina
1080, Josefstädter Straße 84
U-Bahnbogen 42