Bipolar Penguins: ice breaker show

5. März 2020
Bipolar Penguins: ice breaker show 5/5 (100%) 5 votes

doors 18 Uhr        anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

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we use a guitar, a bass, a drum kit & our voices to make music. basic, right? then there are one more magic(!) ingredient: our creativity. the result: songs about penguins.
you might say that penguins just live on one pole, so why do we use the plural in the title of this description? and what about the polls and the bowls?
/insert the sound a penguin makes when saying hi to a friend (wait, is this the dude I wanted to greet or did I just confuse him with her, or her with him, like woot?/

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guitar, voice: Aaron M. Dall
bass: Alexander Tilling
drums: Barb Ahoi