New UrengoY

9. Januar 2020
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doors 18 Uhr           anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

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New UrengoY is psychedelic rock with a great feeling when the oldest musical instruments in the world have grown together with a nine-string electric guitar and 21st century electronics
The musicians of the New UrengoY group managed to record the first album “New UrengoY” in 2017, consisting of tribute versions of several world hits, and in October 2018 – the second album “Seasons”, completely consisting of their own compositions and to develop their own and unique style!
Behind the group of 20 successful concerts since 2018 in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Russia
The group includes: Alexander Vildanov (guitar, vocals, sound), Alokesh Chandra (sitar), Andrey “Sanych” Andreev (jew’s harp & overtone flute)
The New UrengoY is pleased to collaborate with other musicians from around the world, such as Olena UUTAI Podluzhnaya (Russia), Albin Paulus and his group Hotel Palindrone (Austria), WhiskeyJamBand (Belarus), Svyatoslav Silenko (Ukraine), RAZMOTCHIKI KATUSEK (Russia) and t .P.
The band is currently in concert mode, but also plans to record a third album. That is why this is our last concert before the summer!

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