Doppelrotz #5: You-Six VS Panini Project

17. Oktober 2019
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doors 18 Uhr                 anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

Rotzbuatour presents: DOPPELROTZ #5 im Café Carina. YOU-SIX vs Panini Project

You-Six is a Viennese rock band project formed by musicians with most different backgrounds stretching from metal over indie-rock to hip-hop and oriental music. We are united by our love for jamming and melodies.

Let it roll baby roll, all night long!

Panini Project

Back to authenticity..
„ achieve independence of the mind is the nature of an artist” – is a mantra this band tries to live by. The Panini Project is of their own minds and doesn’t do musical clichés. They realized, authenticity is law, if you want to make people feel !
Their genre blend of jazzy neoclassical elements, hard rock riffs and catatonic melancholy makes these three young guys a sought after, modern rockband.
Giannini Panini
Florian Bachinger
Sascha Liebich