ElMar Origenes

12. Juli 2019
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doors 18 Uhr                  anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

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ElMar is born and raised in Bavaria to German and Philippine parents. ElMar is a singer/songwriter and a sweet example of musical multiculturalism. Inspired from her father who is a musician she grew up with Motown, Jazz and Hip Hop.

ElMar’s long-standing curiosity for Spanish music brought her to Granada when she was 26. She worked around the country, joining with travelling troubadours and gypsy groups between jobs, all the while growing as a musician.
Nine years ago ElMar came to Tenerife and formed duo’s, trios and quartets with different musicians on the islands.

She plays ethnic instruments, sings in four languages and covers multiple styles from the R&B of Erykah Badu, the funk of Jamiroquai, the Latin rhythms of Brazilian bossa, to the fusion of Rumba Flamenco.

Every summer she comes back to tour around in Germany and even other European countries.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/78hVmdLPgwY