Drive Moya & Ryvers

9. März 2019
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 doors 18 Uhr               anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

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Drive Moya

The seeds of Drive Moya began to grow in early 2014 when, after a long break from music, Christian Jurasovich (guitar / voice) started collaborating with Alex Vatagin (bass) on some new songs. Simon Lee joined them on drums the following winter. When Vatagin chose to leave, to concentrate on his increasing recording and mastering work, Lee switched to bass and the search for a new drummer resulted in Bernhard Weiß completing the trio. The band played their first live shows in late 2016, with numerous gigs following in and around Austria throughout 2017 (including support slots for ‘E’, Einar Stray Orchestra, Wild Arrows, Bo Candy, The Base, Sama Dams). The group entered the studio, with Vatagin as engineer / producer, in late December to begin work on their debut album ‘The Light We Lost’.


Ein Loop-Pedal und Drums von der Festplatte bilden die Basis-Tools für dieses one-man-shoegaze-Projekt aus Wien. Gleich dem additiven Farbverfahren werden die unterschiedlichsten Gitarrenklänge miteinander vermischt, um etwas Neues daraus entstehen zu lassen, mit dem der knochenweiße Hintergrund flächendeckend überpinselt werden kann.