A Divine Conspiracy + Damokles (SWE)

4. Mai 2018
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doors 18 Uhr         anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

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Damokles is a true synthwave artist with albums like “Time Machine”, “Bring Out The Funk”, “Ozone Surfing” and “Lost In Space”. He started making synth music as a DJ back in the 80′s and spans the entire width of the retro scéne.
Damokles has a history as a D.J.(79-87) and a radiojock.He came to the finals in the DMC annual contest of mixing in Norway back in 1987.He also spent quite a few years on the road as a live musician. Today he produces synth music in his studio, bringing back the feel of the 80′s.
A DIVINE CONSPIRACY ist eine Wiener Gothic Rock/Metal/Industrial Band
Hel Prixs (Sharon Next): Gesang + Killer: Gitarre, Loopengineering + Jughead: Bass + Alexandra Violet: Gesang