Toby Connor

14. März 2018
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doors 18 Uhr                   anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

 Moonlight Soul Folk

For 5 years Toby Connor fronted and wrote for ‘The Paris Riots’ a Manchester based rock n’ roll band who went on to sign with independent record label ‘Queen Street Records’. The band recorded a couple of singles and two E.P’s, inclding a session in L.A. with produce Johnny K.

‘The Paris Riots’ toured the UK and performed at many festivals during this period including Glastonbury, Hop Farm (Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Patti Smith) and three years at Benicassim FIB (SPAIN).

After the band split at the end of 2011, Toby moved to London, where he wrote and recorded his debut solo album ‘The Truth Of The Matter is’ (Itunes/Spotify/CD/Vinyl)

It was recorded live in December 2012 at Soup studios in east London. The Album was well recieved and critically aclaimed on its release in Spring 2013 recieving regular airplay and toured throughout the UK including two Glastonbury performances, Lubstock and sold out tour supporting Status Quo

Toby left London and backin band ‘Volts’ in September 2014, almost a year after releasing his debut album‘The Truth Of The Matter Is’.

For 3 months he travelled through Europe performing in the street and small venues/bars
developing his sound getting lost in the most simple grass roots style of performing.

Arriving in Pais Vasco, Toby started performing in venues around Vizcaya, his soulful voice and brutally honest songs quickly attracting attention from the Bilbao music scene and radio
(Radio Euskadi’s junlgla Sonora, Radio Popular.)

Toby wrote all 12 songs that Created ‘Solo.Bas.Que.Con’ in Bermeo and recorded live in one day at ‘Gaua studios’ Mungia with Jon Asier Zebeizu and Esteban Sanchez.

He decided the Album would be naked, only recording one voice and guitar encapulating the raw sound without complication of a band.

‘Solo.Bas.Que.Con’ was presented at ‘Hika Ateneo’ Bilbao Friday March 13 and is now available on CD/Vinyl/Itunes/Spotify.

Hitting the road again for 3 months on a European tour that covered Festivals and venues across Germany/France/Belgium/Netherlands/Poland/UK/Spain Toby toured ‘Solo.Bas.Que.Con’ with spirited success, both in critical acclaim and rapid growth of fan following.

Arriving back to Pais Basco Toby has now signed with ‘Gaua Records’ and is currently working on his third studio album ‘Zapoi’ due to be released later this year continuing with his unique, infectious ‘Moonlight Soul Folk’ sound.