Home Conflict / Trophy Jump & Friends

3. April 2020
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doors 18 Uhr                anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

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Punk Rock / Melodic Punk

Home Conflict is a young punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia.
The band got together in 2016. and started playing covers from classic Californian punk rock bands. In the spring of 2017. the band recorded their first EP by themselves. Until now the band has played in the majority of clubs in Zagreb and other Croatian cities.

Marin Lugović – guitar, vocals
Tihomir Kerežia – bass guitar, vocals
Filip Kramarić – drums

- Third place at the 11th edition of O’Rock Festival in Oroslavje
- First place at Imagine Croatia Festival
- First place in “Battle of the bands” held at Jiggy bar
- First place at Motorijada in Osijek
- Third place at Rovinj Music Festival in Rovinj



Punk Rock
“We play fast punk rock and drink beer on weekdays.”

Punk rock band formed in 2014 in Long Beach, CA. Currently doing their shit in Zagreb, Croatia, with a huge help of their JeboTon friends. Peace out and don’t be an asshole. ♥
Tony Alex on guitar
Hardlike Pete on guitar
Marc Demarco on bass
Cimmy Demarco on drugs