Stick A Bush // The Rocksteady Conspiracy

14. Juni 2019
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doors 18 Uhr        anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

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Reggae PARTY!!
Come a raid I blues dance

Every hoe ha dem stick a bush
Whether it big or it small
Whether it tall or it short
Whether it bent or it straight
Whether it pretty or it ugly
All breeze don’t blow the same direction
Where the river run once it will run twice
Where ants find fat there him clone
Sun rises from the east – down in the west
Every hoe ha dem stick a bush!!!!!!

Benjamin Porsch – voc
David Halasz – dr
@Amine Amara -bass
Simon Cremer – git
@Lucas Ramamonjisoa – keys
Leonhard Markus Hochmeister – sax
Valentin Guenther – trb

Stick A Bush: Reaggea und Ska zum tanzen.

Dave Barker, Rico Rodriguez, Derrick Morgan, The Pioneers are just some of the artists the musicians of “The Rocksteady Conspiracy” supported as backing band at their concerts in Vienna, Austria in the early 2000s.
In 2012 they decided to write songs of their own and founded “The Rocksteady Conspiracy”.
After many concerts and some releases the band finally found to their very original style. They are currently recording an LP with one of Austrias most exciting analogue specialist Thomas Pronai (Bo Candy and His Broken Hearts) at his “Container Records” Studio which is located in an 400 year old mill (Cselley Mühle) in Burgenland, Austria.
The striking voice of Fab determines the bands distinctive sound. He is supported by backvocalists and guitarrists Georg and Ali. That results in choires featuring three voices which remindes the listener of the golden age of reggae in the sixties. They are backed by drums, bass, two guitars and organ/piano.

Fabian Paler
Alexander Andorfer
Andreas Füssl
Harry Mayer
Andreas Mahlknecht
Georg Stögermayer