Lion Season // In Delirium

22. Februar 2019
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doors 18 Uhr                  anschließend After-Show-PARTY!

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Lion Season

Lion Season is an Alternative Rock tiro from Vienna, which was formed at the beginning of 2018. The members met in school and startet playing together late 2017, taking old songs their singer Adriana has written and making their own out of it.

Adriana – Bass/Vocals
Luka – Guitar/Vocals
Kai – Drums

In Delirium

“In Delirium” has influences from the late 80′s, early 90′s Grunge and the current Post-Grunge,Rock like: Seether,Puddle of Mudd,Alice in Chains, Nirvana,Silverchair,Local H and many more…

Marvin/Vocals,Guitar Manuel/Backing Vocals,Drums Robert/Bass