Fat Fingers

10. November 2018
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Fat Fingers are an international psychedelic-rock group founded in Vienna, Austria in 2014. They have bluesy, 60’s psychedelic-rock soaked sound spear-headed by Americans Tom Wess and Jack Jindra on guitar and keys respectively, backed up by a Portuguese rhythm section of duo Rui Felicio and Ivo Matos.

In November 2014, the group linked up with Grammy nominated and awarded producer Georg Luksch and began working on their latest EP – “Zoey kind of Blues”, which was released the following year. Since then, they have focused on touring Europe, tuning their sound and building up their fanbase city-by-city.

The band’s sound ranges from 60’s psychedelic rock texture to hard-hitting rock’n'roll and groove oriented blues. Somewhere between the intensity of a rock show and the chill of a music festival is where Fat Fingers find their balance. The band is known for their light shows, electric, often extended live sets, and ability to make tunes that sound both familiar and new at the same time.

- Tom Wess (MO, USA)
- Jack Jinda (WI, USA)
- Rui Felicio (PT)
- Ivo Matos (PT)

Fat Fingers – Freddy (Vienna, Austria)